12 weeks of one on one consultation with me guiding you through what can be daunting and scary alone. Includes 2 full days of in person meetings, to be arranged upon initial booking. Areas of consultation:

+ Organize your life - physical space, schedules, thoughts, career and family life, goals, travel plans

+ Family & Relationships - Loving, open, honest communication is key to healthy, vibrant relationships with family, friends and partners

+ Fashion - dress well, feel well. 

+ Financial - get your finances on track, align to your life goals and put a money map in place

+ Setting boundaries - setting boundaries of respect and self-love for yourself, to prioritize your life before others. Analogies: put on your own oxygen mask before helping others. You can't pour from an empty cup.

+ What goes in and on your body? A complete analysis of the foods you consume, the cosmetics and body products you use. Improving, not replacing, is the name of the game. Organic, natural, beneficial. NOT synthetic and harmful.

*International travel extra, to be paid by client, at cost.

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In our first meeting, we will talk about what isn’t working for you, and what you want to change, and how you want to feel through it and on the other side of it. We’ll develop a plan together to get from where you are to where you want to be. And, it’ll be fun and transformative along the way :-)

In our subsequent meetings, we’ll have regular check-ins, tweaks, and overall make sure you are happy with the progress being made, and adjust where needed, either more or less if it’s too much or too little.

Example: You want to completely overhaul your look and feel, but have no idea where to start. You see how confidence radiates from others, and want that yourself. We talk, and make a step by step action plan to put this transformation into reality. We talk about your wardrobe, your daily routine, your consumption, your habits, your vocabulary, your social media consumption (what is your brain eating?), your hobbies, your relationships, etc. All of it comes into play. We cover how often you give and receive honest compliments. Once we have a deep and wide understanding of your day to day, we make incremental changes. It might be a new pair of shoes, or it might be replacing a word in your everyday vocabulary. It might be breaking up with a toxic friend. It might be bringing in a new hobby or exercise activity. Or all of the above! Ready?