Gratitude and Stoicism 11/2/2018

“We suffer more in the imagination than in reality.” - Seneca the Younger

Tim Ferriss talks a lot about stoicism and its origins, but also its current practice. I’ve been described as stoic before, but didn’t know what it really meant, other than quiet and able to take a lot of shit without really being shaken. While I’ve got nothin’ on Seneca, or even Ryan Holiday or Tim Ferriss, I do practice stoicism in my daily life.

Today, I’m wearing a necklace I’ve had for a couple years, but have never worn - because it is itchy as hell. And, I’m a Taurus, which means I like things that feel good and stay away from things that don’t (look at you, linen sheets! Stay away!). I bought this necklace at an art festival from a local silversmith called The Backyard Silversmith, along with a chunky silver ring. The chunky silver ring is very thick,

This makes me grateful for:

  1. Comfort

  2. Discomfort

  3. Craftsmen

  4. Craftsmanship

  5. Stoicism

  6. Tim Ferriss

  7. Astrology

  8. The possibilities of impossibilities

  9. The expansion of comfort zones

  10. Writing

  11. Words

  12. Technology

  13. Social situations

  14. People

  15. Humans

  16. Dogs

  17. Discomfort zones

  18. Fear setting

  19. Goal setting