Changes is Life, Stagnation is Death


The evening of December 7, 2017 our lives changed. Forever. As I sat across the table from the most beautiful, kind, funny, heartfelt, thoughtful, caring woman I've ever met in this lifetime, I knew it was different. This was the last first date we'd ever go on. 

My life before that evening consisted of always looking for her, everywhere I went. My eyes were always on the lookout, for my one true love. I spent the previous year questioning my beliefs, wants, needs, desires and life goals. Little did I know, questioning myself through all of those topics was crucial too preparing for what was to come, seemingly out of nowhere. 

She'd spent the last several years preparing for us to meet, in a different way than I had been. I found myself through travel, tumultuous relationships that fit me about as good as a pair of high heels, she'd spent the last several years being a mom and finding her way in a new place. I was traveling the world, seeking, looking, searching. She was right here, in a place I'd passed a hundred times on my way to get on a plane. Life's funny that way. 

Love really is all around.