Words Are Powerful Tools: Use Them Considerately

"We are a systems and process company, not a people company." 

"It's not about you." 

"You should really consider a different hairstyle. That is not a good look." 

"Would you consider a longer term trip, like 6 months, living in Cork?" 

"I can't do this."

"We don't condone your lifestyle."


The above blank line is the sound of silence. Perhaps the most deafening, the most hurtful, the loudest of all. It's when we aren't honest, forthcoming, communicative and respectful of others that hurts the most. It leaves minds guessing, it leaves questions unanswered, and perhaps unasked. 

These are all things said to me during the last few years, from co-workers, relationship partners, my therapist and a family member. These were all turning points in my life, some of the hardest lessons learned, but learned, nonetheless. While I feel eternal appreciation, gratitude and reverence for all of the lessons of life, they were fucking hard to swallow in the moment. But you know what? I grew from those, just like a huge tree grows from a tiny little seed. 

Water yourself, especially when the dirt cracks. Feed yourself good, loving, wholesome foods. Talk to yourself, and others, with loving kindness. Words matter. Feelings matter. Intention matters.

Live Good, Live Well


Beth Derrick