Money & Wealth Management



Creating abundance in your life is much easier than you might think. Money often gets a bad wrap, but it's the currency of life that enables us to be healthy, happy, fed, sheltered, clothed, transported, challenged, growing, energized, adventurous and to live out our dreams. Money is our friend, money is our family. Money gives us choices to live the lives we want and desire. 

So. What does your dream life look like? Let's get to it. 



First Rule of Money Matters: Patience. When shopping for things you want and need, patience can be employed to wait until things go on sale, or to elongate negotiations for a good deal. A good deal leaves both the buyer and the seller happy, not one being ripped off. Always buy, sell and negotiate with a generous, pure heart.

Coupons, online comparisons, not buying things you don't need, waiting 2 weeks for something you think you need, buying used/refurbished, borrowing/renting, making yourself ... there are a plethora of alternatives to buying something brand new.


Treat Yourself

You'll never, ever hear me say to cut out the drink per day or coffee each morning to save yourself to retirement. Now, that's not saying those few dollars each day would not add up exponentially over time, but if those are the things you enjoy, keep them in your life. We can go into the science of coffee and alcohol, but let's just keep it simple. Be responsible, be aware, be kind, be mindful, be fair. If it's a new purse every few months that you reward yourself with, donate your old one and rock that new one! If it's splurging on a new pair of shoes each season, rock on! Who doesn't love a new pair of kicks!? Hired a house cleaner? Have your groceries delivered? SWEET! Keep in mind: be responsible, be aware, be kind, be mindful, be fair. 


Supporting the Arts and Small Businesses

Whether it's supporting a local artist, your favorite band, your niece's painting passion, a potter, a small business around the corner ... your patronage matters. Your business can make the difference of paying someone's mortgage that month. Or feeding their family that week. Choosing to support the small over the large, the individual over the conglomerate, each dollar makes a true impact. Supporting small business is one of the best things you can do with your dollars. Earn and spend mindfully. When we help others fulfill their passions, we make the world a better, happier, more fulfilling and peaceful place.