Roy, Old Enough to Know Better, Married, Texas

Curious about others experiences in dating and relationships, I posted some questions out on Facebook in early September 2017 to collect stories from a wide range of hearts and experiences in love. This is one of many:

+ If dating, where do you meet people? 
Not dating now.  When I did 13+ years ago, Church, social events, eHarmony

+ What are your fears & concerns about dating and relationshipping? 
As above, I was looking for someone with like views unlike my first wife who had different views politically and as it turned out about family.

+ Are you happy in your current status? Why or why not?
We are very happy.  Life is not all roses.  When you hit the rough road, its how you both get through it that brings you together.  Never go to bed angry, always talk the issues over.

+ Do you view marriage as a destination or a journey? 
Marriage is part of a life time journey.  I always expected to be married to the same woman.  She decided she didn’t want to be married so there was a divorce.  I have remarried and she hasn’t.  My current wife and I are always looking forward together.  We typically do things together. However I am political and she isn’t so doesn’t attend many political events.

+ If divorced, when did you know it wasn't going to be till death do we part? 
I knew when the constable handed me papers.  I do not like to give up on anything.

+ If married, how much work does it take to maintain and happy and loving relationship with your spouse? 
Any partnership takes work. Each needs to work to help the other.  I have found that doing as much as you can to support the other person the more you get in return.  Do no harm.

+ If coupled, do you follow traditional gender norms or share responsibilities in a different manner? 
Marriage is a partnership.  One may be better at one task than another so they take responsibility for that task.  However, a vast majority of tasks are shared.  We both cook, clean, etc.  She believes she irons clothes better than me and won’t let me if she can help it.  I’m color blind so she matches my shirts before I leave in the morning.  Laugh.

+ If coupled, how long have you known each other, been a couple and married (if applicable)? 
My first wife and I knew each other in college for 3 years before the end of our 21 year marriage.  My current wife and I knew each other for 3 months after eHarmony matched us.  We are coming up on our 14th anniversary.  We both were only looking someone to talk to on the phone, go to movies, or dinner.  BTW she was unable to have children herself so I also brought two grown children to the marriage.  She is a fantastic grandmother and step mother.
+ Do you believe marriage is still necessary and viable or is it an antiquated institution?
Marriage and intact family is the back bone of society.  Thanks to LBJ, the destruction of the family structure has been going downhill.

+ Does religion, family or culture play a role in your dating approach? 
I have found the proper personal priority is God, family, country, work.  My religion has helped me through tough times.  Although I think God has more faith in me than I do in myself.  Family is extremely important. 

+ What do you want from being coupled that you do not feel when single?
Companionship with love is the best.  People were meant to be together.