Small Changes, Big Impacts

Small Changes, Big Impacts

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Book a one hour session to check in, or book a few months’ worth to redirect your life's trajectory into a new career, better relationships, happier health, developing your passions and hobbies, or a total life makeover.

Starting fresh can happen from any point in your life. Some ideas of areas we can work on together:

  1. Relationships

  2. Financial plans

  3. Career changes

  4. Family dynamics

  5. Making dreams into actionable, achievable goals

  6. Organizing, cleaning and decorating your physical space

  7. Revitalizing your relationship with food and drink

  8. Overall lifestyle analysis 

  9. Communication

  10. Bringing fun into your daily life

  11. Optimism & humor

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From being near homeless in my 20s, to dining at some of the nicest restaurants in London two short years later, it can be said that I've experienced a wide variety of heartbreaks, disappointments, celebrations, travel experiences, relationship beginnings and endings, self discovery, sudden parenting, addiction, abuse, trauma and finding the spiritual path. Through a tremendous amount of coaching, lots of therapy, reading, self-discovery, journaling and lots of tears, I’ve come through the other side, if the other side exists, stronger, happier, healthier and full of zest for life and love.

I’m a certified Scrum Master, Life Coach, Ho’oponopono practitioner and ever evolving student of life. By day, I’ve worked in corporate roles for nearly 20 years. By evening and weekend, I read a tremendous amount of information, research, books and blogs about what goes in and on our body, and in our minds. I’ve not met many folks I can’t find a commonality with and understand near straight away. I grew up in a small town of less than 1000 people, and have worked in Singapore, New York, London and Boston.

Whatever your situation and challenge, I’m certain we can work through it, out of it, into it or any other preposition you want to insert into that phrase!