Benefits of Living Well

That feeling of pure blissful, easy living. You're on a road trip with your best friends, driving up the PCH. You've just experienced an amazing yoga session feeling clear and pure. You're at dinner with friends in Monaco. You're sailing the BVIs for the summer with your family. Your eyes are closed, relaxed, as you sway to the music of your favorite band under the stars on a warm summer night. You wake each day next to the one you love, with smiles on your blissful faces. Each moment, you experience gratitude and approach life with an open heart. You take long walks and longer baths, with your favorite music playing softly in your home. Your dog is curled up next to the tub, sleeping soundly by your side. You regularly experience a healthy variety of feelings and situations- happiness, love, anger, hunger, exhaustion, sweating, soreness, growth, expansion, confusion, challenging scenarios. You appreciate your past, are living in the present and excited for the future. You know who you are, what you want and who you aren't. You are love. You are happy. You are living! 



We spend roughly 1/3 of our lives in bed. Treat yourself to luxurious bedding that makes you feel good, comfortable, welcome, safe and relaxed. Peaceful, restful sleep is the foundation for our days productivity and well-being. It's as important as what goes into our bodies. Treat your bed as your sanctuary.


In and On Your Body

What goes on our bodies is just as important as what goes into them. It's counterintuitive to eat cleanly and shower with unpronounceable chemicals. Eating organically, locally, freshly, naturally + using only products with wholesome ingredients to wash, clean, groom, style and hygiene ourselves is a recipe for a very happy and healthy body. 



Food is the fuel for life. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, carnivorous or of other practices, the quality of food you consume is paramount. Organic, locally grown and raised, ethically sourced, gluten free, grain free, grass-fed, free range ... the nomenclature can be overwhelming, but keep it simple: shop your local farmer's markets and the external rim of the grocery store. Vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, meats, ancient grains, whole fat butter and yogurt if you so wish. The fewer ingredients and processing steps involved, the better for your body, the farmer, the rancher, the environment, your soul. Eat locally, eat mindfully, eat happily. 



Tea, water, simple juices, kombucha, raw milk, drinking vinegars, coffee, adult beverages. Sound refreshing? As with food, drinks are a time of delight. Listen to your body, consume what makes you feel good. Charcoal filter tap water in place of disposal water bottles. Make kombucha in your own kitchen. Support your local dairy farm and drink raw milk. Treat yourself to organic teas, sweetened with raw, local, unfiltered honey if you prefer it on the sweetened side. Alcohol has its time, place and purpose - consume with kindness and consideration for yourself, your responsibilities and those around you. Drink well, drink mindfully, drink happily.